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The VALI Lifestyle

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The Colorado mountain environment of VALI Assisted Living is very special.  Views from the many windows are spectacular. Patio and balcony areas offer great views of the Wet Mountains to the East and the Wet Mountain Valley framed by the soaring Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the West. They also offer opportunities for residents to enjoy the clean, refreshing mountain air.  Gardening enthusiasts are welcome to use the raised beds around the pergola.  In addition, VALI residents enjoy off-site activities like Dollar Store trips, drives into the countryside, and walking outside the residence with volunteers.

The warm, beautifully decorated common areas on each floor offer opportunities for socializing. There is a gas fireplace in the downstairs area and a large screen TV in the upper area.  A piano and an electric organ are available for use by the residents or their guests.

VALI residents enjoy social gatherings with family and friends 

Residents enjoy special occasions with family and friends

Special occasions for you
and your family can be celebrated.

VALI residents can celebrate special occasions with family and friends 

Family and friends are invited to join you
for meals for a small fee.

Residents enjhoy socializing with one another and with family and friends Residents enjhoy socializing with one another and with family and friends
Residents bring important creative talents to VALI
Photo, Sangres Webs

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