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VALI House Rules & Policies

The view from Silver Cliff across the Wet Mountain Valley to the Sangre de Cristos

The view from Silver Cliff across the
Wet Mountain Valley to the Sangre de Cristos
Photo, Sangres Webs

At Valley Assisted Living's Adler House, residents live together in close proximity and share common areas of the Home. As a result, VALI has developed House Rules to ensure efficient and fair operation of the home for each person. Residents' behaviors (positive or negative) can have a profound impact on everyone residing within the Home. A Resident who violates House Rules will be given every opportunity to correct the problem. However, continued violation of House Rules may subject the Resident to discharge from the Home.

Following are selected VALI policies and house rules; the complete VALI Policy document is found here in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader.

Activities and events

VALI maintains a monthly schedule of social, recreational and fitness activities. Activities and events may take place either inside of the Home, or at off-premise locations. Residents are not required to participate; however, group interaction can be fun and rewarding for everyone. Activities may include lunch out, picnics, movies, attending special community events, crafts and arts, games, etc. In some cases, a minimal fee may be required for participation in planned outings. Residents are always encouraged to suggest activities that are of particular interest to them.


Residents and their families are encouraged to celebrate special holidays together, whether at VALI or their own homes. If a Resident's family would like to share the holiday in the VALI residence, advance notice is required to plan for additional meals, if required.

Furnishings and Personal Belongings

Residents may furnish their private rooms as they desire, with the approval of the House Manager. If the Resident does not have personal furnishings, a bed, dresser, nightstand and reading lamp will be provided. Although the grounds are covered by general liability insurance, this insurance does not cover any property belonging to a Resident. Residents are, therefore, encouraged to carry personal property insurance to cover any loss due to fire, theft, or other casualty. The House Manager and the Resident or Responsible Party will inventory personal belongings at the time of move-in. VALI cannot be responsible for any loss of money, jewelry, or other valuables. Residents should lock their rooms for protection of any valuable items, and should only keep a maximum of $20.00 cash in their possession.

Residents may have their own personal televisions and radios in their rooms, but they must be used with consideration. Volumes should be kept at a reasonable level, especially between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. when other residents are sleeping. Residents who are hearing impaired may be asked to use earphones.

Leaving and Returning to the Home

Residents are encouraged to come and go from the Home as they choose. When a Resident leaves VALI, he/she should notify the employee on duty of the departure time, destination, and expected return time and log it in the Resident check out book.

Meals, Snacks and Cooking

Three nutritionally balanced meals are served family style in the dining area according to the following schedule:

Breakfast 6:30-8:30 a.m. Lunch 12:00 p.m. Dinner 5:30 p.m.

Snacks, such as juice, fruit and cookies are available to Residents at all times.


Personal Appearance and Hygiene

Residents will wear their own personal clothing, and are expected to dress modestly when they leave their private rooms. Appropriate robes are acceptable for breakfast dining only. Otherwise full dress will be expected in common areas of the Home. Residents must maintain an appropriate level of hygiene at all times. VALI employees can assist Residents with activities such as bathing, dressing and grooming.


Residents are expected to be considerate of each other's privacy. A Resident may not enter the room of another Resident without permission. No Resident may use the personal belongings of another Resident without permission. Family members are not allowed to enter any other Resident's room, unless invited by that Resident.

Telephone Usage

Each room is equipped with a private line for resident use. All local calls are free, but the resident will incur charges for long distance calls at $0.10 per minute. The Resident or Responsible Party will be held responsible for all long distance charges. 



Friends, family members and other visitors are welcomed and encouraged to visit. Suggested visiting hours are 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. If necessary, other arrangements can be made with the House Manager. All visitors must follow the House Rules. Many of our Residents enjoy the company of young children; however, a responsible adult must supervise children visiting the home.


Residents should try to secure their own private transportation (via a family member or friend) for medical or other appointments. However, VALI may assist residents by securing rides for medical purposes via the Wet Mountain Valley Community Service van provided by the Rotarians. Residents may also be transported by the VALI bus for social and recreational purposes by VALI employees.


Smoking is not allowed inside of any VALI buildings at any time. This restriction includes all common areas, private rooms and public bathroom. The House Manager will specify a designated smoking area located outside of the Home.


A Resident may be allowed to have a personal pet with advance approval from the House Manager. A pet may initially be accepted into the Home on a "trial basis" after a pet assessment has been performed. Admission of a pet depends on such factors as size, noise factor, odor, behavior, and cleanliness. Proof of a healthy animal and required vaccinations from a veterinarian will be required before the pet comes to stay at VALI.  See VALI's Policy document for additional information about pets.

Use of Common Area

Residents have unrestricted use of the Home's common area, including television, radio, games, etc. between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Cooperation is required among all Residents to select television and radio preferences.

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Photo, Sangres Webs

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